is an integrated marketing agency that uses classic marketing knowledge, infused with modern paradigms, methodologies and tools, to help you achieve your B2B and B2C business objective, engaging your customers, in a fast changing world. Our mission is to empower business seekers in the market place, to master the new business landscape and emerge as original, cutting-edge winners, through an Integrated Marketing approach ™ which is customer and humanity-centric.



Details matter. Trying to be everything to everyone is trouble. We use our logic and experience to assess each and every situation to identify challenges and customers’ needs. We bring simplicity, clarity and focus to your business goals. We make it clear about what you will or will not do. At the end, simplicity is creativity.



In today’s competitive environment, innovative thinking and real value creation are vital, in order to separate your business from others. Using latest techniques and technology in relation to marketing activities, is the only way to effectively respond to changing consumer needs and to master the new business landscape.



We believe in engaging people and learning from them. Whether it is your employees, customers or partners. With such overwhelming times where things are changing fast, we talk to them (and not at them), listen carefully and get to know what they really like, love or think about your brand. It is an ongoing learning experience.


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Do you know how much return you are receiving from the money you spend? Of all the available options are you sure you are investing in the right area? In an era of tight budgets, is it wise to target the mass and hope for the best? Moreover, with the increasing proliferation of media tools how can one be sure his target is reached? For every modern marketer, saturation of the market is a problem. It is critical to answer these questions if one is to accurately forecast and determine one’s ROMI.

What Our Customer Says

  • He is not only an ambitious and precise strategist but also an inspiring expert. Hisham Darwish is an honest, brilliant and insightful worker. Detail oriented professional. Has natural ability to manage people. Is able to work in a fast-paced environment.

    Saad ALAJMI DCF, Owner – Managing Director
  • Mazaya Marketing is our business consultant. Every project with them is a learning experience.

    Rabah HUSSEIN PROART Owner – Managing Director
  • I had the privilege to meet and work with a young energetic business consultant who seeks to initiate a distinction of how business is supposed to operate in the Middle East. Hisham holds a great experience that can assist any size firms on their daily business challenges; he is a very well structured process individual with a skill in developing course of action that will enhance any business operation. I recommend his skills on improving functionality and practices.

    Saeed Baagil Baaghil & Diogo Owner


At Mazaya Marketing our clients are our valued partners.

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