Our Workshop helps you become a successful Entrepreneur

Are you keen on turning yourself into a successful business entrepreneur? Starting a business can be daunting and many factors need to be taken into account. With small businesses, proper management and planning can be the key those who make it and those who don’t. To make sure you get a head start, the Leading Entrepreneur Intensive Program (LEIP) is specially designed to provide new entrepreneurs and business owners with key essentials, from identifying your upcoming new business idea all the way to kicking it off successfully.

Who is it for?

Anyone with interest and passion in starting their own business or students and working professionals who would like to sharpen their skills in applying modern business practices.

LEIP Modules

  1. Birkman Evaluation
  2. Passion Finder
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Project Management
  5. Feasibility Study
  6. Marketing Planning

Birkman Evaluation

Assess your personality and career

The Birkman Method is a favorite personality and career assessment of those experienced in the industry because it paints a richer picture of an individual.

Passion Finder Module

Discover your strengths and inner motives

Know exactly what you are good at and how you can stand out uniquely in the market through finding your passion and the motives that drive you all the way to success.

Communication Skills Module

Sharpen your communication on all levels

Practice excellent communication skills on all levels, verbal and non-verbal. Acknowledge the importance of communication in our lives in all settings. 

Project Management

Manage all project tasks in timely manner

Identify the basics of project management through experiential interactive exercises and what does a project management framework consist of. 

Feasibility Study Module

Evaluate the profitability effectively

Learn how to collect relative market information required to evaluate and control the feasibility and profitability of your new business concept.

Marketing Planning Module

Differentiate your new startup from competition

Explore new marketing and sales techniques to help your new business concept stand out from competition. Set your demand forecasting rationally. 

Key Facts

  • Duration: 20 hours (4 days)
  • Language: English
  • Timings: To be announced
  • Entry Requirements: there are no academic requirements to participate in this program
  • Schedule: check the dates below
  • Certifications: The program will be accredited by the “Technical & Vocational Training Corporation
  • Program Fees: 2,850 SR (including Birkman)
  • Payment: should be paid prior to session date
  • Payment Options: will be shared automatically upon registration

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Every workshop is limited to 20 seats. We conduct LEIP workshop monthly. If you are interested secure your seat by clicking on the registration button and completing the form – make sure you select the desired month you will be available to go through this experience. 
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